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If you're looking for a place where you can expose your dark art among other dark creatures, a place full of dark emotions, DarkArtists-Inc is the community for you.
Our only interest is the Dark Arts; we love all kinds of art, as long as you keep it... dark!

I Love My Group Stamp by TheRyanFord

Gallery Folders

Wip.. by StilleSkygger
Bram Stoker's Dracula by Derek-Castro
1905-3 by gaolst
A Dead Heart In A Dead World by StilleSkygger
Featured 03
Exitus by KUBAU
Consequence by KUBAU
Deamon by KUBAU
Sokar by KUBAU
Digital Art II
Lush Bunnie by ShadowXConspiracy
Hmm by Artezianin
Gandalf and Balrog - Commission by IreneUbik
hybrid by Nicole-Jimenez

Mature Content

body inspection by devoisback

Mature Content

body inspection 2 by devoisback
Ethan werewolf by MaTilda-2941
.... by Wilqkuku

Mature Content

Other Medias
Iconostasis II by DawidZdobylak

Mature Content

Centaur Moon by Kennyfiddler
Study Dreams 04 by caddman
A villain in white by MademoiselleNoName
Feature 3
Phacochere by latard
Clown rouge by latard
Magic Dream 01 by caddman
The Real Dark Knight by wysard25
Traditional ART_3
Black-n-White Dream_19 by caddman

Mature Content

New Dream 11 by caddman
New Dream 06 by caddman

Mature Content

Mask-n-Dream_06 by caddman

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:pointr:ABOUT US:

#DarkArtists-Inc is a group focused only in Dark Art.
We like Dark Art and we want to expose it so, we welcome all Dark Art Lovers to our Group.
We accept ALL kinds of media, as long as you keep it Dark; not necessary under a "dark" category but, the images must convey some dark emotion and/or feeling.
We accept from Beginners to Experts but please, refrain from sending your entire gallery and try to send ONLY your best to the Group. We do not accept crappy stuff!
The Group Staff reserves the right to deny art that we don't think suitable for the Group's thematics, either for the theme itself, either for the complete lack of quality.


Who are the Founders & Co-Founders and what's their job here?
:lightbulb: the Founder is the person who founded the group and basically he/she can do anything and have full control of everything around the Group. The Co-Founder was designated by the Founder to be in control as well, helping with everything and still able to manage the settings, when necessary.

Who are the Contributors and what's their job here?
:lightbulb: Contributors are invited by the Founder and/or Co-Founder. They are chosen according to their skills and areas of expertize. Their job is to accept or decline suggested submissions & favourites, and also, accepting or denying members (always applying the Group's guidelines for Dark Art thematic). Contributors can as well give members the necessary feedback and help. Last but not least, our Contributors help running this amazing Group.

Can I be a Contributor?
:lightbulb: For now we're not accepting any more Contributors. In the future, if we feel the need to add more COntributors to our pannel, we'll write a public announcement.


Who are the members and what's their job around here?
:lightbulb: Members are free to join or they can be invited by someone from the Admin panel. A member can suggest his own work (or the work of others) to be exposed by the Group, as long as it abides by the Group's thematics. This exposure gives extra feedback to the member's gallery, allowing improvement and more publicity to his gallery & work. A member can also suggest favourites for the Group, following the same guidelines used for the suggested submissions.

Can I become a member?
:lightbulb: Yes, we have membership applications open. You just need to click on the "Join Our Group" button (front page left).
Be sure you follow these small rules: you can only submit images related to dark/macabre art or that have some dramatic/dark feeling into it. In case you use resources (external or personal) they have to be credited in your image description.

Are the submissions posted like it was before, under the group's name?
:lightbulb: No. On the top of our Front Page, where you have your nickname and your little avatar, click on the arrow and choose to Contribute a Deviation or Suggest a Fave (reminding that, to do it, you have to be an accepted member). After your contribution or suggestion is sent, you just have to wait for approval.

My image suggestion/submission was denied. Why?
:lightbulb: One of these reasons: the image you suggested (for submission or favourite) has nothing dark about it; your suggestion (for submission or favourite) doesn't properly credit stockers or is violating some dA policy; what you're trying to submit isn't considered art at all, even for a beginner; the image you suggested (for submission or favourite) is offensive and it can generate uncomfort among several people.

Is there some limit of images I can contribute/suggest?
:lightbulb: Please limit your Gallery Suggestions to 2 per month; and limit your Favourite Suggestions to 1 per WEEK as well!

I'm waiting for over than 24/48 hours for my work to be approved or denied. What's happening?
:lightbulb: Despite we're trying to gather a reasonable amount of Staff, we can't be around 24/7 and we have lots of images to analyze. Please be patient and soon you'll now if your image has been approved or denied by our Staff.

It's possible that during sometime, things don't work properly. We are already aware that there's a Bug in Groups. dA is trying to set everything right so, lets be patient for some days.

Thank you!

Original FAQs baseline from AndreeaRosse and adapted by LuneBleu



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debNise Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, is this group dead? My submission expired.. :(
CarlosAE Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi debNise. :wave:
Your submission is expired? That's weird. :(
I contacted Skot about that one of your deviations (Where you submitted right here) expired via Notes. He'll get right to you ASAP. Thank you for your patience! :)
And this group is still active (I'm a contributor of this group).

P.S. Remember one other thing: There are Bugs roaming around in each of deviantART groups, and dART is working on it again (To me, Bugs can possibly force deviations, in which are submitted in groups, be expired by unknown reasons. That's just me). Let's also allow admins of deviantART fix errors.
debNise Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Oh alright, thank you for your attention :D :hug:
Art-Via-Victoria Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you kindly for adding me to the group :)
CarlosAE Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! If you have questions, you can always look up DarkArtists-Inc's FAQ section. Enjoy your stay as a new member of DarkArtists-Inc; enjoy your day! ^^
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